Hello, I'm Patrick

Passionate data scientist
with strong Python skills
and experience drawing
insights from data.

Recent Projects

I designed, implemented, and deployed an LLM agent application that ingests submissions from r/explainlikeimfive, crafts a response, and submits a comment. So far the answers have been OK, but require more work to get to production-level. I'm looking forward to exploring ways to improve this agent.

Check out the GitHub repository: ELI5Bot

If you want to read the comments, visit my Reddit account: ELI5LLM

They are pretty funny sometimes.

The ELI5 LLM Agent Data Science and LLMs

This project explores the escalating threat of recurrent wildfires, driven by factors like climate change and land management practices. It reveals a disturbing trend where wildfires are increasing exponentially, with nearly 70% occurring in previously burned areas. These recurring fires, termed fringe and total fires based on their extent, pose significant risks to both property and the environment. Fringe fires, which burn smaller areas more frequently, contrast with total fires that burn larger areas less frequently. The economic impact is profound, as insurance premiums must rise substantially to cover potential losses, potentially rendering certain areas uninsurable without community or government-backed insurance solutions.

Risk of Recurring Wildfires Data Analysis

Combining my breadth of statistical, analytical, critical thinking, and programming skills with a tried and true data science methodology to deliver actionable insights.

Having just recently graduated I am excited to bring my expertise and curiosity to a new team. During my Ph.D., I collaborated on three few-author publications, including a first-author paper. My research experience includes collaborating with international teams and conducting experiments at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. Notably, I was the recipient of the Tennessee Graduate Research Excellence Fellowship for my undergraduate research funding my first four years of research.

Beyond my academic achievements, I enjoy rock climbing and running, as well as relaxing poolside with some good music. I am a Northern California native and I can't wait to get back to the west coast!

I'm excited to work with you.

Contact me by email or phone
Email: steffaniccodes@gmail.com
Phone: (916) 710-0988